Velofight! Logo

Dear Velofighters,

Thank you for playing Velofight! for the past 4 years. We've had a great time building the site as well as playing along with all of you. Over the years we've built up a very loyal core of players and for that we are truly grateful. And many of you are in possession of a pair (or two) of killer Velofight! socks.

Unfortunately, the site requires resources to run. The monetary cost of running the site has been rather small and one we've been happy to bear. (The ads on the site have yet to generate any funds.) It's time we are running out of. When the time and effort of running a site like Velofight! gets in the way of actually getting out on the bike and riding then perhaps it's time to call it a day.

Our priorities have shifted as well. We started Velofight! as an exercise to combine a few things we loved, cycling, programming, and the Internet. While we still love cycling, our priorities shifted and we'd rather spend our spare cycles on the other two. We're not sure what comes next, but we'd love to incorporate Velofight! into it in some way, so check back occasionally.

Thanks for playing!

Mike and Ed